What you should know about those ugly orange battery acid stains.

Over the last several years golf carts have become a popular form of neighborhood transportation. Anything from taking the kids to the neighborhood pool to visiting with neighbors, we are seeing more and more golf carts being used. As you know, most of these carts are battery powered and run off a series of batteries. When these batteries are overcharged, overfilled, or left uncapped, they will begin to leak. Now our garage floors and driveways are left with that unsightly orange battery acid stain.

Battery acid is comprised of sulfuric acid, which is a very toxic substance. When this acid makes contact with concrete, it immediately starts eating away at the concretes surface. Not only that, but each time it gets wet, it will continue to react and continue to worsen digging deeper into the concrete. So what starts out as a small orange stain can continue to grow and continue to worsen until it is properly cleaned and neutralized.

As mentioned above, sulfuric acid is a very toxic substance. If left unaddressed, everything that comes into contact with it is now spreading traces of that substance all around your home. Think about every time you drive over it, walk through it, your kids ride their bikes through it. You are unknowingly spreading it around and even inside your home. In addition, there are environmental threats associated with it as well. Remember how it reacts to water? So every time it rains the acid is reacting and now being spread. Eventually this contaminated rain water can end up in our storm drains. When this occurs water sources are contaminated and you run the risk of violating local, state, and federal storm water regulations.

But we have the solution! As an F9 authorized applicator, we are trained to address these issues. Not only stopping the degradation of your concrete, but also removing that unsightly orange stain! F9 products are the industry’s leader in rust and acid stain removal products. F9 products are eco-friendly and biodegradable. This allows us to safely complete the cleaning process effectively while being environmentally responsible. Give us a call today and let our trained professionals show you how we can help!


Orange Battery acid stains

Surface Medic, LLC, an F9 authorized applicator, will safely neutralize the acid to keep it from continuing to spread and worsen. In addition, with the help of our F9 products, we can get rid of those unsightly orange stains!

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