Got rust?

Does your concrete or other surfaces suffer from that ugly orange rust stain? Although rust comes in many forms and is caused by many things, it is a common enemy of every homeowner. Whether it is from fertilizers, sprinklers, or any number of other culprits, our F9 products have what it takes to safely remove those ugly stains! F9 is the industry’s leader in rust removal products. As an F9 authorized applicator, we have the tools to safely remove rust stains and restore your concrete or other surface to its original glory! F9 products are eco-friendly and biodegradable which allows us to safely remove rust stains while being environmentally friendly.


Rust stain removal

Surface Medic, LLC, an F9 authorized applicator, has the tools necessary to address and remedy rust stains. Utilizing the industry’s leading F9 products we will restore your surfaces to their original beauty!

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Don’t spend your entire weekend cleaning, give us a call and let our trained professionals do it for you!